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Dear Members and Friends of New Hackensack,

Wow! These are definitely challenging times we live in right now! First, my prayers and condolences for all those who are suffering from this virus as well as the many, many families that have lost loved ones as a result of corona virus. Our prayers for God’s intervention to help console the loss of those many loved ones. My heart goes out to all who are working at hospitals or are caregivers in any environment as well as all the first responders who are out on the front lines.

I also can sympathize with everyone because we all have had to stay home. I believe you will agree with me that we NEED to stay home for now. Those of you who know me well, know me as one who loves to be connected to the church family. I believe that our connections to God, to God’s son, Jesus Christ, and to the Holy Spirit, as well as our connections to one another bring us closer together. Hence, this has been a very challenging time for those of us who love to stay connected. I believe that is ALL of us at this time in history.

That is one reason why I so enjoy doing our daily devotions on Facebook and YouTube. At least I get to connect with all of you. My connection to you always involves our relationship with God. Our Sunday worship services (including Daffodil Sunday), Holy Week services- Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday’s Lord Supper and Good Friday’s Tennebrae service which all culminated on Easter Sunday and the Joy of the Resurrection of Christ were all a pleasure to share and connect with so many of you. I so look forward to when we can all worship together again as a church family.

My thanks to the Rizzo family for the blessing of beautiful music during Holy Week, as well as to the producer of all our productions, my son in law - Erik Uuksalanien. These people truly inspire me to ‘keep on keeping on’ as I like to say. I have also appreciated your positive feedback about our worship services as well as the daily devotions.

Our May schedule of worship will continue to be the same– 10:00am every Sunday morning on Facebook or YouTube. Our guest preacher for Memorial Day Sunday (May 24th) will be Don Heringa.

These challenging times require us to dig down deep to the wells of our spiritual relationship with God and call forth God’s divine intervention into our world. I am convinced that something good can come from this if we all continue to support one another by sharing the hope and love we know comes from God.

If you would like to speak to me sometime during these coming weeks, please call the church and dial extension 101 to leave me a message. I will return your call. Please know that I am slowly making my way through the church directory to make calls. If I have not reached out to you yet, please feel free to call me. I will return the call as soon as I am able.

One last thought – it will be much appreciated if you are able to mail your pledge to the church. Our Financial Secretary, Ginger Trimble, comes in about every two weeks to make deposits. I am grateful for the many who have been able to continue to pledge. But please know this…if there is any financial hardship in your family at this time, PLEASE DO NOT mail in your pledge. AND if you find that you need some financial support right now, please call 462-0810 ext. 101 and leave a confidential message on my personal extension.

Blessings – stay well, and lets all continue to pray for our world.

  Your Pastor,

Rev. Keith W. Tamlyn