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Greetings from Kermit!

PIGGY BANK BAZAAR - Saturday, December 7, 2019

9:00 AM to Noon at New Hackensack Reformed Church

An opportunity for children to do their Christmas shopping at the 44th Annual Piggy Bank Bazaar – no gift is over $3.00, and gift wrapping is free!!

INVITE ALL the CHILDREN you know to select from over 5000 crafty, homemade items, in categories including gifts for children, women, men, pets, personalized items, flower arrangements, plants, and Christmas-themed gifts. Our photographer is available to take small photos and have them inserted into ornamental frames.

Very young humans will have guides to assist with their shopping, or parents can guide if they prefer. Each child should have a shopping list and money. Parents may wait for their young shoppers in Fellowship Hall, where the Youth Group is selling refreshments. The Bazaar is open for adults to shop from Noon to 12:30pm.

Please tell your friends about Piggy Bank Bazaar. We have 2000 advertising cards, and we want them widely distributed in the community. The cards can be picked up at the Information Table in the Gathering Area. We have many really wonderful, great quality gifts to sell, and we have a large inventory. The Bazaar is a wonderful, unique experience for children and we want their parents to know about it. We know that the Bazaar needs to be heavily advertised to the public in November, so we’re looking for new outlets and ideas to promote it. If you can help get the word out, please contact Carol Ray, ( to get posters, cards, or soft copy info for distribution.

If the Bazaar is canceled on December 7th due to weather, the snow date is Sunday, December 8th from noon to 3:00pm. Information about cancellation will be on the church’s answering machine.

At least 100 human helpers are needed to run the Bazaar. We’ll need MANY people to act as guides for the children, to wrap gifts, and to be cashiers. We'll also need some folks to help at 12:30 PM with the cleanup. This usually takes just an hour or so, and involves trash collecting and sweeping, moving some tables, and putting the leftover gifts into storage. Please see the SIGN UP SHEETS in the GATHERING AREA during NOVEMBER. We need lots of people to make everything run smoothly! Please tell all your friends!

All of the different gift tables will need helpers, too, to set up, help the young folks with gift selection, take inventory, and clean up. There are tables for Children, Women, Men, Pets, Flowers and Plants, Christmas, and Personalizing. If you are available the morning of Friday, December 6th, and/or the day of the Bazaar, and would like to help at one of the tables, please call Mrs. Ray (Carol), or sign up on the sign up sheets. We also need some help on Friday morning to set up tables in the gift wrapping room and Fellowship Hall.

On Sunday, December 1st, right after the church service, we will need volunteers to move all our gifts from the Ed. Center basement into Room 15. This can be done very easily and quickly if we have a large group of people, since then we can just hand the gifts down the line of people until they reach Room 15. Older children have proven quite good at helping with this project, too! All our wrapping supplies will be moved into the youth room.

Mrs. Ray (my nice human friend who can remember where each item belongs on each table) tells me that the Wednesday Morning Workshops in November will be on the 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th in Room 15 of the Education Center, at 9:30 AM. The folks will be quite busy finishing up all the crafty projects before the Big Day!! PLEASE JOIN IN!!

PRICING DAY, which I like to call the Big Day before the Big Day, will be Wednesday morning, December 4th, at 9:30 AM in the Education Center, Rooms 13 and 15. Many, MANY volunteers are needed to put price tags on our many gifts, and then all the gifts need to be distributed to their tables. Gift wrapping supplies also have to be sorted and organized. This is a great opportunity for you to see the gifts before the Bazaar!

We can use your leftover Halloween candy!! Then for the Big Day, we’ll need several things. House Plants always sell very well. They can be brought to the Education Center on December 6th. We also ask you to include the name of the plant and care instructions. We also need rolls or packages of gift wrapping, gift boxes, gift bags, Scotch tape, scissors, tissue paper, bows and ribbons, pens and pencils, name tags, and brown grocery bags with handles. For the Snack Room we need napkins, plates, plastic silverware, cups, and plastic table cloths.

Take Home Kits can be returned to Room 15 at any time.

Whew, a little rest is in order; my flippers are tired from all that hopping around the keyboard, getting the word out to everybody. I hope I’ll see YOU at the Workshops, Pricing Day, and at the Bazaar!!

Yours in love,