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Saturday, December 7, 2019

9:00 AM to Noon at New Hackensack Reformed Church

An opportunity for children to do their Christmas shopping at the 44th Annual Piggy Bank Bazaar. No gift is over $3.00, and gift wrapping is free!!

Greetings from Kermit!

It’s Bazaar Time!! All young humans are invited to come and shop for their Christmas gifts from over 5000 items. The majority of the gifts are crafty items. Children should bring along their money and their shopping lists. Guides (many of whom are Girl Scouts) are available to assist them with their selections, and to guide them to the cashiers and to the FREE gift wrapping. Younger children can be guided by their parents, and older children may shop by themselves.

The Bazaar opens at 9:00 a.m. for children; adults may shop from noon until 12:30 p.m. There are gifts for children, women, men, pets, personalized items, flower arrangements and plants, and Christmas themed gifts, with separate areas for the cashiers and gift wrapping. Our photographers are available to take photos and have them inserted into ornament frames. Waiting parents can purchase refreshments at the bake sale, provided by the Youth Group, in Fellowship Hall. The bake sale is a major fund raiser for the Youth Group, and we’ll have hundreds of people in the building, so please bake something for them to sell.

Please INVITE YOUR FRIENDS to the Bazaar, and use your email and Facebook connections to tell them about it.

If weather forces cancellation of the Bazaar on December 7th, the snow date is Sunday, December 8th, from noon to 3:00 p.m. Information about cancellation will be option #4 on the church’s phone system (845-462-0810.)

Piggy Bank Bazaar needs LOTS OF HELP, since we’re expecting hundreds of young shoppers. We need many women, men and older youth to make it all run smoothly. We need many guides, because each child who needs assistance typically spends about an hour shopping. PLEASE STOP BY ON THE DAY OF THE BAZAAR and volunteer to be a guide or a gift wrapper. Also, please bring an item for the Youth Group’s Bake Sale!!

On Sunday, December 1st, right after the church service, we will need volunteers to move all of the goodies from the Education Center basement into Room 15. This will go quickly if we have LOTS of help, so items can just be handed from person to person in a line. Older children can be quite helpful with this!

PRICING DAY is Wednesday, December 4th, beginning at 9:30 a.m. in rooms 13 and 15. Many people are needed to sort, price and distribute the gifts to their tables. This is a great way to get an early look at all the goodies that will be available!

SET UP will be on Friday morning, December 6th, starting at 9:00 a.m. This will involve setting up some Christmas trees, tables for the cashiers, wrapping room and Youth Group Bake Sale. We’ll need lots of help for this, too.

Finally, CLEAN UP will begin at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. This involves moving tables, sweeping floors, collecting trash, and moving the left over gifts into storage. Most of the Bazaar workers will be very tired by this time, so PLEASE VOLUNTEER TO HELP WITH CLEAN UP!

Mrs. Ray (who enjoys all the preparation through the year, but really looks forward to the actual event) tells me that Piggy Bank distributed $3,014.24 in donations this year, benefitting the church’s property fund, the Youth Group, the New Hackensack Nursery School playground, and the Faith Hope Love dance group. YOUR PARTICIPATION through the year and at the Bazaar makes this happen, and will let us do more in the coming year!

The Wednesday Morning Workshop folks will be taking a bit of time off after the Bazaar, resumingmeetings in February. I’ll be hopping around, trying to stay warm, while I wait for the BIG DAY. I hope I’ll see YOU there, and at the February Workshops!

                                                                Yours in love,




Dear Kermit,

Everyone at church is in the know about the Piggy Bank Bazaar since you do such a good job of keeping them informed with your monthly articles. It certainly helped us this year since the donations of supplies that we received were outstanding, and organizing the bazaar was easy-peasy. Every year we do take this opportunity to inform your readers that “Kermit” is created by you--Joe Allen. We will all look forward to your upcoming messages as we plan the forty-fifth annual Piggy Bank Bazaar.

                                                       Thank you

                                                       The Piggy Bankers