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Greetings from Kermit!

March is here, and my froggy friends and I are hoping that it will “go out like a lamb!” We have had enough of the cold weather. More importantly, though, I have some things to share about Piggy Bank Bazaar!!

March’s Wednesday Morning Workshops will be held on the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th, at 9:30a.m. in Room 15. Mrs. Ray (my nice human friend who is very happy that the Workshops are happening again) tells me that there are usually several projects being worked on at a time, so you can choose one that is just perfect for YOU! Last year’s workshops made 1900 crafty items for the Bazaar, and this year we’d like to do at least that many. We’ll need YOUR help to make it happen, so PLEASE JOIN IN! Young children are always welcome, too.

At February’s annual meeting it was decided that donations for the coming year would be distributed to the church’s Property Fund, the Youth Group, the Sunday School, the New Hackensack Nursery School, and to RCA Children and Worship International. Here’s an interesting fact: from 1992 through 2019, Piggy Bank Bazaar has donated $95,201.68, and that’s all thanks to YOU wonderful people!! Keep up the good work!!

Piggy’s Cabinet has been all straightened up, and now there’s room for more supplies. In particular, we need vases, silk flowers, floral foam, floral moss, beads, jewelry making supplies, mugs, Mason jars, craft paint, paint brushes, sandpaper, new nails, screws, hooks and washers, Easter or gift basket grass, new pencils and pens, rulers, yardsticks, macramé cord, fleece fabric, scrap booking paper, stickers, pompoms, hat pins, polyester stuffing and batting, rhinestones, wiggle eyes, button magnets, plastic storage tubs, grocery paper bags with handles, scissors, tissue paper, new gifts, Christmas gift bags, Christmas gift wrapping, all types of ribbon, yarn, and other miscellaneous craft supplies. The gang really enjoys the challenge of creating gifts from your donations, and they help a lot in keeping expenses down.  

Take Home Kit Sunday will be May 17th. To have a variety of Kits ready, we would like to encourage YOU to be a kit designer. Each designer takes a craft idea, makes a sample of the craft, writes directions, and assembles the materials needed to make more of the item. Please contact Mrs. Ray (Carol, at and volunteer! Last year’s Take Home Kits produced 623 gifts for the young humans to choose from at the Bazaar, so this is a GOOD thing to do!

That’s about all I have to share for now, so I’m going to hop off to my pond, look at the cold water and ice, and dream of warmth (and yummy bugs buzzing around my lily pad.) I’ll be hopping back from time to time, though, and I hope to see YOU at the Workshops!!

Yours in love,