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Greetings from Kermit!

It’s a beautiful, early spring day as I sit here at the keyboard. (Actually, being a frog, I have to sit ON the keyboard so I can hop around the keys.) The trees and bushes are all turning green – my favorite color – and the birds are singing. But I noticed a few days ago that it’s very, very quiet. Not too many cars, not very many people at all. Then I hopped by the church building, and it was empty! That really surprised me, because while frogs are solitary creatures most of the time, people aren’t. They are always out, and doing things, and getting together whatever the reason. So I did some checking and found out that right now there’s a bad sickness, and everyone is staying at home to keep the sickness from spreading. And that, I think, is a VERY human thing – doing something unpleasant, like staying at home, not seeing friends and loved ones, not meeting for Wednesday Workshops or church services or just to have fun, and doing it for the good of everybody!! Another thing I know about humans is that whatever goes wrong, you are able to take a breath and keep going, and come out just fine on the other side of it!!

I’ve spoken with Mrs. Ray (my human friend who is keeping busy at home making Piggy Bank projects with items she has on hand there) and she tells me that Piggy Bank Bazaar planning is a bit upset right now. Take Home Kit Sunday was supposed to be on May 17th, but that will be rescheduled. Also, there are NO plans for Workshops in May. Perhaps YOU can spend some of your time at home thinking up some crafty ideas for the Bazaar, or even creating gifts! That would be most helpful!!

The 45th Piggy Bank Bazaar is scheduled for December 5th, 2020. I’m hopeful that you humans will be able to gather together on that day as you have for 44 years! It will be LOTS of FUN!!

I’m heading back to the pond now, since spring brings lots of frog food, and I really like that. Perhaps this evening I’ll be gathering with some of my friends in our Froggy Chorus – and I’ll be wishing that very, very soon, you humans will be able to do that again, too!

Yours in love,